Geelong Jazz Soirees Summer Series

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Past Shows:
February 27 1:30pm-4pm

Callum Watson


Flora Carbo - Alto Sax

Sean Loughran - Drums

Zac Barter - Bass 

Callum Watson - Piano

Paige Keel - Vocals

Michael Smallwood - Guitar

March 6 2pm-4pm 


Michelle Benjamin - Vocals

Rob Gador -  Bass

Keith Wilson - Winds

Callum Watson - Piano








March 13 2pm-4pm 

Flora Carbo


Michelle Benjamin - Vocals

George Borthwick - Bass

Callum Watson - Piano

Sean Loughran - Drums



COVID Safety

This event scrupulously adheres to COVIDSafe principals, including the mandatory wearing of face masks (when required), provision of sanitization stations and design of a physically distanced performance space for audiences. As a condition of entry you must sign in for contact tracing purposes. Our COVIDsafe checklist is available here. The event will be live streamed should you not be able to attend.



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