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Premier series of Geelong jazz music featuring some of Victoria’s best jazz musicians

Upcoming Shows:
October 30 2021 2pm-4pm
Geelong Seniors FestivalGeelong Jazz Top 20
Members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite jazz standards of all time. A countdown of most popular songs will be performed live by Callum Watson on facebook and youtube.

Voting is now open for your favourite jazz songs. Use the simple form below to cast your vote.

Callum Watson is an ambassador for young Australian jazz and classical talent, a respected pianist and composer, and a prolific producer spanning across jazz, classical and theatre. Learn more about him here.

Watch the show live on this page. No bookings required.

February 05, 12, 19 2pm-4pm

Geelong Jazz Soirees Summer Series
Jazz returns to the Geelong Botanic Gardens on Saturday afternoons in February. Experience some of Victoria’s finest musicians and ensembles in this incredible outdoor setting.
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COVID Safety

This event scrupulously adheres to COVIDSafe principals, including the mandatory wearing of face masks (when required), provision of sanitization stations and design of a physically distanced performance space for audiences. As a condition of entry you must sign in for contact tracing purposes. Our COVIDsafe checklist is available here. The event will be live streamed should you not be able to attend.

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