Joel Hands-Otte

Joel Hands-Otte’s love for music began with the piano at the age of four, slowly encompassing many woodwind instruments such as clarinet, saxophone, flute and oboe by high school. While completing his undergraduate degree on the clarinet, Joel fell in love with the bass clarinet. An instrument for all styles and a musician with a love for all genres – it was a perfect match. By the end of his bachelor degree, Joel decided he would undertake Honor’s on the bass clarinet.

Joel researched extensively, contacting many composers to uncover a vast range of repertoire specifically written for the bass clarinet. In his quest, Joel found many wonderful gems such as Classically-inspired pieces, Latin, Jazz, Funk and Contemporary works from around the world. Joel has also obtained a number of compositions from Australian composers and even had works commissioned for him.

Joel has been an active member of many different and diverse ensembles at Monash, performing as Principal Bass Clarinetist in the Monash Wind Symphony and Monash Academy Orchestra. He has also been an integral part of the Monash Art Ensemble, specialising in contemporary music from Australian composers.

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