Scott A. Aschauer

Scott A. Aschauer is a Melbourne born and based composer. Aschauer is fast becoming a regular facet in the contemporary classical scene, with a large range of works being performed regularly. These works have been premiered at recitals, concerts and international festivals such as his string quartet “Orononmierr” which was premiered at the 2017 edition of the Bendigo festival of exploratory music. Composing from a young age, he exhibits mastery and nuance in contrasting forms of ensemble ranging from solo recitals to large-scale orchestral works. Aschauer’s passion for Italian and Wagnerian opera has largely been responsible for shaping his sophisticated, passion and intense harmonic world.

Aschauer also displays a flair for performing, mastering the violin and viola. Aschauer has performed and recorded not only works of classical music, he also has performed a number of contemporary works. Aschauer is also a Heldentenor, with a penchant for dramatic roles, a talent utilised in both solo and choral settings. In his spare time, Aschauer enjoys all things opera and studying and collecting Japanese netsuke.

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