Playing With Division – Callum Watson

About this performance:

Playing With Division is composition exploring the potential of jazz and classical fusion in the most overt – yet cohesive way possible. The work features a prominent opening theme fusing elements of classical Mozartian harmony with with moments of syncopated quartal jazz harmony. This is then contrasted by a virtuosic B section section reminiscent of Philip Glass-style minimalism which segues decisively into a conventional jazz improvised section .

This semi-improvised performance was recorded live-to-air by Callum (Piano) on 3MBS Melbourne. There is also an arrangement of this work for flute, clarinet and piano which is included in my album ‘Echoes Of Earth’.

Callum Watson

Callum Watson born 1997 in Melbourne is an ambassador for young Australian jazz and classical talent, a respected pianist and composer, and a prolific producer spanning across jazz, classical and theatre.

In addition to winning the Margaret Schofield Scholarship for composition, Watson has won a variety of awards and grants including from Melbourne Fringe Festival (2018), state (Creative Victoria, 2019) and local governments (City of Greater Geelong, 2019) and internationally from orkest de ereprijs in the Netherlands (2019).

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