Earth, Wind and Fire


An exciting outdoor composition combining classical and theatre with the unique combination of piccolo and bass clarinet.

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Work Overview

Earth, Wind and Fire is a compositional response to Earth as a concept. To achieve this, I have utilised the intrinsically earthy sounding bass clarinet complemented with piccolo. This unique instrumentation allows for a virtuosic exploration of extremes in sound ranging from piercing high arpeggios in the piccolo projecting vast distances, to the softest of low tones in the bass clarinet requiring the audience to be quiet and listen intently. Audience accessibility is a core of the performance. As such, the above technical complexity is contrasted by moments of sublime emotive beauty.
Movement also plays an important part in the performance. Both instruments can be played whilst the performer is moving. This composition therefore includes minor theatrical elements. The performers begin the composition from unexpected but prominent positions (such as at the top of stairs/on a hill) at opposite ends of the area before moving to a main stage area. From the audiences’ perspective, the performers should appear from nowhere, adding to the spectacle of the work.

Work Details

Year: 2018

Instrumentation: piccolo, bass clarinet.

Duration: 11 min.

Difficulty: Advanced — Features difficult virtuosic writing.

Commission note: Commissioned by City of Greater Geelong.

First performance: by Jessica Zuk, Joel Hands-Otte — 4 May 18. Geelong After Dark, Geelong, VIC

The composer cites the following styles, genres, influences, etc associated with the work:
This piece is a fusion of baroque, jazz and hard rock. It also features small references to Beethoven.


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